Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Americans are dumb. I understand the "Underdog Factor," but how else can you explain that multiple polls have more than 50% of the American public picking the Cardinals to win? Not who they're rooting for, not if they think the Cardinals will cover, but to win.


The Steelers, who are favored by a TD, went 12-4, that's the 2nd-best record in the NFL this year and 3 games better than the 9-7 Cardinals, who played in the worst division in the NFL, the NFC West.

So, how the hell are the Cardinals being picked by America to win the Super Bowl over the Steelers?

America is stupid.

The Steelers have looked nothing short of impressive this postseason; beating the Chargers and Ravens with a less-than 100% Ben Roethlisberger and not having Hines Ward for most of the AFC Championship game. Meanwhile, the Cardinals played the Falcons, who weren't a good road team (4-4 this year) and a rookie QB. Then they played the Panthers, whose QB Jake Delhomme (5 INTs) decided he wanted to crap the bed. And then came the Eagles, who the Cardinals blew an 18-point lead to only to come back late and win.

The Cardinals are playing w/ house money at this point. Meanwhile, the Steelers have a GREAT defense. Yes, the Cards have a high-octane offense with Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin, but they don't have a running game. The week before the playoffs started Edgerrin James told the team he wanted to leave. No seriously, here's the link. Read it, I'll wait...


And Tim Hightower's only a rookie. America, you're telling me that the one-dimensional Cardinals offense is going to beat the Steelers defense with Defensive POY James Harrison and Troy Polamalu (BTW, I just heard Polamalu speak for the 1st time on this pre-game show, I never noticed how high-pitched his voice is. Makes me a little skeptical about the Steelers now. I digress.)

On paper, and on the field the Steelers should win, but they already have my dreams. For the past couple of years I've had sports dreams, and more often than not they come true. In 2002 I had a dream War Emblem, who was going for racing's Triple Crown, would not only lose the Belmont Stakes, but not finish in the Top 3. He didn't. Last year, I had a dream Floyd Mayweather was gonna knock out Ricky Hatton in the 8th round, Hatton went down in the 9th. A couple days ago I had a dream that I read the score of Super Bowl XLIII...

Steelers 43, Cardinals 13.

Let's hope for a better game than that.


P.S. For the record, I'm picking the Steelers to win but am rooting for the Cardinals.

P.P.S. Some other Super Bowl tidbits...

*Apparently the teams that stay @ the hotel that the Cardinals are staying @, college and pro, have won 8 in a row. Gotta love that hotel karma.

*Prop Bet: Over/under of Jersey # to score 1st TD: 38.5. Santonio Holmes (#10), Edgerrin James (#32), Larry Fitzgerald (#11), Mewelde Moore (#21), Tim Hightower (#34), Ben Roethlisberger (#7)...take the under!

*I hate that the Super Bowl tries to cater to the "casual fan." I don't wanna hear John Legend singing "Green Light" w/ T-Pain filling-in for Andre 3000. I don't wanna see Al Roker interviewing celebrities plugging their movies. I don't care about who Vin Diesel wants to win. I don't wanna see Conan O'Brien and his terrible hairdo kicking field goals, AND I DON'T WANNA SEE JOURNEY! EVER! Really NFL, it's been the die-hards like me who have been watching the NFL since the pre-season started in July and you're gonna show me a trailer for "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"??? Really?!?!? Why piss off the real fans to get the casual fans instead of the other way around. Whack...

Enjoy the game everybody!