Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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AD&AN Pick the Finals

I hate the Lakers. I really, really, hate the Lakers. I hate Kobe, I pretty much hate most of LA. Regardless, I gotta call a spade and spade, Kobe's the best player and the Lakers are clearly the better team, and are rightfully favored to win the NBA Finals. But does that mean I'll think they'll win...


(Banging my head against desk....)


The NBA is just about match-ups as much as it is about talent and size. The Cleveland Cavaliers had LeBron, the NBA's best record, and home-court advantage...but they didn't match-up well with Orlando. That's why Orlando won the series. Two years ago, my Warriors were the #8 seed in the playoffs taking on top-seeded Dallas. The Warriors finished 25 games behind the Mavericks in the regular season, but won the series in 6 games.

With that being said, the Lakers match-up well with the Magic. Their bench is a little deeper, Mickael Pietrus shouldn't be able to defend Kobe well (actually, no one can), and as good as Hedo Turkoglu is on offense for Orlando, he's just as bad defensively.

If Dwight Howard plays as well as he did in the Eastern Finals, the Magic have a good shot. The Magic were able to shoot the lights out as well in the Cavs series, only because Mike Brown stupidly decided to double Howard and let the shooters shoot. I think Phil Jackson is a little smarter than to do that, and it's difficult for a team to stay hot from the outside. The Magic have the edge at point guard as well, it doesn't matter if Jameer Nelson plays or not, Rafer Alston can abuse the Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar combo like a drunken prom date. That said though, the Lakers may play Shannon Brown a lot.

I'm pulling for the Magic, I like Dwight Howard and Pietrus is a former Warrior, but something tells me it's the Lakers year. They came so close last year, they're got the Finals experience, the Magic kinda seem like they're just happy to be there.

The Pick: Kobe cements his legacy as one of the best ever. Lakers in 6. I will now light myself on fire.