Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!!!

We here @ AD&AN would like to wish everyone a "Happy Holidays!" Here's a lil' something for you guys. Hope Santa was good to y'all this year...

Cyle & Anthony

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week- Christmas Edition

Wuts good folks!? We here at 10's & 5's decided to add to tha Christmas spirit and share it with all of you out there. And in doin so, we got an all-time classic for yall from Run-DMC called "Christmas in Hollis". Check it out and enjoy!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm On Youtube...But Not For Something Good...

In my defense, it was like 11:30 @ night, I was hecka tired from studying and taking finals. Whatever, here it is...

I mean, c'mon, I knew they were gonna scare me the whole time, I just went along w/ it...


P.S. Video Courtesy of Angel Yandall

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Guy's Gonna Die A Virgin

We finaly found an answer to one of life's most pressing questions!

The Question: How does a kid become more of a loser than being in the National Spelling Bee?

The Answer: By quoting "Napoleon Dynamite" during the contest...Notice how no one laughs...


Monday, December 15, 2008

SNSJ: "Tabloids" by Jesse Boykins III

Wut it dooooo folks?! We got a Sunday Night Slow Jam for yall that i hope u'll enjoy. It's called "Tabloids" by Jesse Boykins III. Not too many people have heard of him but he's really talented. Oh, and just a lil fun fact for yall, while watchn the video look for one of the guys in his band holdn a Guitar Hero guitar. Ahaha, a lil low budget but still a good video and song. Enjoy!

Cyle aka DJ Peter Darker

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Quitting You, Oscar De la Hoya!!!

For months I talked an incessant amount of shit to every Filipino I knew. One, cuz no Filipino is over 5'8" and @ 6'2" I think I'd stand a pretty fair chance if one of them actually wanted to physically harm me. And two, because I was sure that Oscar De la Hoya, my fellow Mexican, would whup Manny Pacquiao's Filipino monkey-ass. I woulda bet my left testicle on it. I was that sure...

I decided not to shell out $20 to go watch the fight at some sports bar and it was probably one of the smartest financial decisions I've ever made. Ever. De la Hoya got annihilated. Systematically and cerebrally picked apart by a faster, more superior fighter. It was like watching Old Yeller getting shot in the pasture. It was embarrassing. The only thing that was missing was Smokey from "Friday" standing over De la Hoya's prone, lifeless, body and screaming, "You got knocked the f*** out!!!" At one point during the fight, A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) got up from his seat and started shouting @ De la Hoya, and this was a guy who got punched by Zack Morris. It was that bad. De la Hoya won one round on one scorecard. It was a slaughter, it was an execution, and Pacquiao was the short, Filipino, executioner. Only there was no hood or guillotine, only jabs and uppercuts that led to the welts on "The Golden Boy's" face.

The "boxing fan" gene I inherited through my Dad. I've been watching boxing since as far back as I can remember. But De la Hoya was my 1st favorite boxer. He was charismatic, talented, and brought in millions upon millions of dollars in revenue.

And of course, he was Mexican.

He won the Gold Medal @ the '92 Olympics in Barcelona, was undefeated though his 1st 31 fights, and won 10 world titles in six different weight classes. But in spite of all that, De la hoya could never win the big one. He beat boxing legends like Julio Cesar Chavez (twice), Hector Camacho, and Pernell Whitaker, but they were all in the twilights of their respective careers. Other guys he beat, like Ike Quartey, Arturo Gatti, Fernano Vargas, and Ricardo Mayorga were all good fighers but were nowhere as good as him. But in the big-money matches, De la Hoya always fell short. He lost a controversial decision to Felix Trinidad, lost two more controversial decisions to Shane Mosley, got knocked out by a bigger Bernard Hopkins, was out-pointed by Floyd Mayweather. The Pacquiao fight was supposed to cement his legacy, that he COULD finally beat someone that was on-par with him. But Manny went through him like lumpia...

I hope Oscar hangs him up. Boxers retire and unretire like rappers but I hope he stays away, I mean, would you wanna hear a fat Jay-Z rap in 20 years? I was disappointed, but that's just part of being a sports fan. Pacquiao's the real deal, and I deserved the trash-talk I got from multiple Filipinos this week. At the very least, I have both my testicles...


I Have Had Enough

Wuts good folks!? I got a serious problem that I would like to share wit yall. Would u like to hear my problem?...too bad, u have no choice. Ahahaha, I’m playn. Have u ever seen something that bugged u so much that it caused u to have one of those “uhmm…am I the only one that just saw that???!!” moments? Folks, I have had one of these WTF moments quite frequently.

Whenever I use a public restroom, I notice that about 5 of the 7 other people who take a piss DON’T WASH THEIR HANDS!!! I don’t know about u but that kinda scares me! This is a biochemical hazard! If I see somebody I know, I don’t wanna have to worry whether or not ima get Hepatitis A from dapping them! So I figured out what should/could be done. We need to put these people on blast! And I don’t use the term “on blast” lightly.

We should take it back to the Bible times and yell unclean at the person if they leave without washing their hands. Point if that will properly “put them on Front St”. Hey, if every time I didn’t wash my hands people treated me like a walking viral infection, that would quickly cause me reevaluate my hygienic habits. Especially at the club!

IF U DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM AT THE CLUB, don’t try to dance wit one of the best lookn girls, cus I will make sure ‘ol girl knows that you walking around wit doodoo hands. And for those who might think this is a little extreme, I’m sorry but haven’t you seen those Lysol commercials when the germs look like green n purple little centipedes crawling on door handles and phones!? Yea, imagine those things crawling over your hot dog your homie got at the concession stand, right after he went to the bathroom. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. This would possibly be one of the only times that “putting somebody on blast” is acceptable. Otherwise, it’s hating and that’s not healthy either.


Slang Word of The Day

Wut it do folks! Todays slang word is "blast" and can also be used as a phrase to "put on blast". Basically, to put someone on "blast" means to either openly make fun of, or call out someone for doing, wearing, saying, dancing with, drinking/eating (and basically any other action) something. Example, "the guys put (NAME OF PERSON) on blast for dancing wit a dude at the club." Notice how the person is being put on "blast" because he danced wit a dude at the club and the guys are openly making fun of him. You can also put someone on "Front St." which is a synonym for "blast". Keep in mind this can be fun but may also cause people to get butt-hurt..."But u don't have to take my word for it!" ...Reading Rainbow? remember!? ahaha nvermind.


Ps. We still got mad love for u Curtis!...big ups to Levar Burton too.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

They Said It Not Us: How One Gets a Cock-Eye

So last week I was celebrating my homegirl's 21st b-day @ her house. She was a having a lil' BBQ, and of course, what would a 21st b-day BBQ be without...(DRUMROLL)alcohol!

So the Corona and Grey Goose were flowing (yup, that's how we roll!), and it appeared that one of my lady friends had consumed a little too much. She announced to no one in particular that she has a cock-eye, and when she gets drunk (like she was @ the time), it becomes more noticeable. (I've known this person for 4 years, and I've never noticed her apparent "cock-eye.")

It was then, that my other lady friend made this classic statement...

"You know why you got a cock-eye? Cuz you look at cock too much!"

Whether or not this is true or not, I don't know, but once again...

They said it, not us.


Some West Coast For You...

So as much as we love Hawaii there's only so much Reggae you can listen to, so much Spam you can eat, and so much Pidgin you can listen to.

Fortunately I'm back home in San Francisco for Winter Break, and to comemmorate my being back home, here's some old-school "pre-Thizzle" Mac Dre, "California Livin'". Hope everyone is well and travels safely over the holidays...See ya soon.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Would Like to Apologize...

Aight, the bad news...So, for a number of reasons (retreat, finals, and worst of all...laziness), we haven't posted anything in a number of weeks. The good news...THE SEMESTER'S OVER!!! Therefore thanks to Christmas Break, both Cyle & I have endless amounts of free time to blog and maintain the website.

We hope (thought we cannot promise) that this won't happen again. Keep checking back for updates...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Night Slow Jams...On A Monday


What's good everybody? So, we know it's not Sunday but it's still time for the weekly slow jam. Tonight, I'm breaking out one of my favorite slow jams, we're gonna take you back to '88, with that Al B. Sure, "Nite And Day." So grab your honey by the waist, and feel free to get your 2-step on...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prop 8

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Having lived there for the first 18+ years of my life I was exposed to homosexuality, probably a lot more than a lot of other people.

There's that old African proverb, that "it takes a village to raise a child." Well, my village consisted of a few people that were homosexual. Luckily, I learned at an early age that people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, and yes, even sexual orientation, are...people. And every person deserves to be treated the same, regardless of the aforementioned differences.

Last week, my home state of California, which was a "blue state" for Barack Obama, also passed Proposition 8, legislation that bans gay marriage. I've had the "gay" debate with people numerous times, especially since I've been going to school in Hawaii (including with the co-creator of this blog).

I knew I wanted to talk about the passing of Prop. 8 on this website, but I didn't know how to do it in a way that was coherent or articulate. Then I saw a video on Keith Olbermann's show "Countdown" on MSNBC that essentially took the words out of my mouth.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, with that being said, there will be many times when other people's opinions will not be the same as mine. I do not think lowly of the people that are against gay marriage, I do not think that they are ignorant or stupid, it's just that I don't understand how people can deny their fellow people basic, human rights. No matter what any anti-gay marriage supporter tells me, I will never be able to wrap my mind around that notion. So to those people, I ask you to watch this video. Not to re-evaluate your position, not to answer the questions proposed in it. Just to watch.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week

Wut it do folks!? It's Friday, and we just happen to have an old-schoool joint from The Pharcyde called "Drop".This is possibly the most creative video ever (in my opinion) but definately my favorite video of all time. Hope yall enjoy it, peace!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Belated...Old School Hip-Hop Video of the Week

Hey Gang,

We know it's Monday, not Friday, and we sincerely apologize for not posting the old-school hip-hop video on time, but better late than never. (That's what she said!!!) So this week, we gotta give you a classic by probably the best MC ever, 2Pac.

Everyone asks us all the time why we named our website "A Dime & A Nickel," and it's actually cuz of this video. Check out about 1:36 into the video, when Money B has this shit-eating grin on his face as he says, "a dime and a nickel." Hilarious! Seriously, one time Cyle & I spent a good 20 minutes replaying this video in the school library and laughing hystercailly as everyone stared at us like, well, 2 idiots replaying a video on youtube and laughing hysterically in a library. Good times!!!

As always, enjoy...


P.S. Yes, we know we haven't posted the Sunday Night Slow Jam, we'll get to that too. It was kind of a busy weekend...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Never Thought I'd See The Day...

It was a whisper. “Hey Dad,” I asked him right around the time of the 2004 presidential election, “You think there’ll ever be a black president.” “Not in my lifetime.” He answered. We spoke in hushed tones, as if talking about it out loud would make it even more of an impossibility. And I figured he was right. My Dad usually knows about these things. I figured the same thing, not in this America. Not in my lifetime, not while there was still so much ignorance and hatred. Not 30 years after the white kids in my Dad’s high school teased him and fought with him for the “bean sandwiches” that my Grandma made him for lunch. Not 13 years after the police viciously beat Rodney King. Not yet, America wasn’t ready…

It was a yell. “Nigger!” And in that moment I understood. It’s different to read about lynch mobs and the KKK in textbooks or to hear Black comedians joke about not being able to get through airport security but to witness racism firsthand, that was something WAYYY different. I was fortunate, yes I am a Latino but I never had to deal with blatant racism and ignorance. I grew up in San Francisco, one of the most diverse places in the world. Sure people made jokes, but no one ever called me “spic,” “beaner,” or “wetback,” with malicious intent. I can still see Cyle seething in my mind, no provocation, nothing to deserve the slur, just me & him walking down the street to get to class. That was all it took, some ignorant, cowardly, dumb-ass punk who said it as he passed us in his pick-up truck, and then he got on the on-ramp of the freeway and drove off. Don’t even remember what he looked like, but that one comment forever resonated with me.

Somewhere in-between the whisper and the yell, I met Barack Obama, heard his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I had never paid much attention to political stuff like national conventions or “State of the Union” addresses, matter-of-fact I’m pretty sure I was just flipping channels ‘til I noticed something unusual about the speaker, Obama was…Black. His speech was riveting, I hung on every word he said. If he had told me to drink from the cyanide-laced punchbowl I probably would’ve done it. A young, articulate, charismatic politician, he was running for senator of Illinois, I felt bad for his opponent. I entertained a thought in my head…

It was a roar! “Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States!” Keith Olbermann announced it on MSNBC and the people that had been watching the election coverage at the student center since 1pm with me cheered. And they cheered @ Spellman in Atlanta, and in the Castro of my hometown in San Francisco, and @ Grant Park in Chicago. They were celebrating all around the country. People were crying, calling their parents. America had proved me wrong. They had spoken, and let their voice be known emphatically, they were ready.

Electing a black man as President does not erase America’s bloody and ugly history. It doesn’t erase the hundreds of years of slavery, or the fact that they forcefully went in and conquered Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Western part of the US from Mexico, or the land that was stolen from the Native Americans and how the government then put them on reservations, or how we’re “liberating” the Iraqi people. It doesn’t erase any of that.

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States isn’t a Black thing. It’s bigger than that. It means that the “minority” children in Mrs. Spillane’s 2nd grade class don’t have to feel bad when the white kids in the class gloat that all the presidents on the poster next to the chalkboard are white. Or no dumb statements like “This shit isn’t realistic!” every time a movie depicting a black president like “Deep Impact” or “Head of State” comes on. It means that a father and son don’t have to talk in hushed voices anymore.

People have to realize, change isn’t going to happen overnight. There’s still going to be racism and ignorance, and punk kids will still yell racial epithets to colored people. But for the 1st time ever, I, and other people around the country are PROUD to be Americans. For the first time, we have hope. There’s that cliché about America, that ANYONE from ANYWHERE, no matter what upbringing or race or gender or social class can be ANYTHING they want. November 4th was the first time I ever believed that.

And as I walked home that night, the Hawaiian sky celebrated with a beautiful pink sunset. I passed by the same spot where that guy degraded Cyle. There was silence.


Monday, November 3, 2008

We Got Our 1st Hater!!!

Hey Gang!

So, we got a comment on one of our posts, our "Introduction." The person (who decided to be anonymous) said the following...

"In the reference of who you are and the egotistical notion of being better than others...'We’re just two dudes that think we’re funnier, more interesting, and have more profound shit than most of the other blogs out there and feel like sharing that with all of Cyber Space.'-Please note that your 'blog' maybe competing against other blogs, but you as individuals are competing not against other 'bloggers'.

1.) As enthusiasts of the English language, you should've said "may be," not "maybe."

2.) We appreciate the feedback, but please don't be afraid or ashamed to say who you really are...

3.) "Anonymous" says that we're "egotistical" and we're not "competing against other bloggers." Well, we're definitely not egotistical and it's a good thing it's not a competition cuz we'd be winning.

And in the spirit of hate, here's a little Katt Williams for y'all. We here @ AD&AN couldn't have said it any better ourselves...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night Slow Jamz: 11/2

(Deep Barry White-like voice)

This is DJ Mexican Marauder, and welcome back to "Sunday Night Slow Jamz."

I'd like to dedicate tonight's slow jam, to all the lovers out there who are currently in, or have ever been in a "long-distance relationship."

This is probably the hardest type of realationship to be in, I know it was for me. To be committed to another person in a romantic relationship is hard enough when you live close to them or see them everyday, but when you throw in an ocean and thousands of miles, that task becomes that much harder.

Temptation, lack of patience and trust, they all become magnified when in a long-distance relationship, and that's why the majority of them fail. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment, and props to everyone that's ever tried to do it.

So for all of y'all, I'd like to play "Distant Lover" by the legendary Marvin Gaye. Good luck lovers...

DJ Mexican Marauder & Co.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week-Halloween Edition

Wut's good folks!? It's Friday once again and todays video is a Halloween special. Since this holiday is known to bring some freaks out, we got a classic joint from Whodini called none other than...(drumroll...)"The Freaks Come Out At Night". Oh, and just a little fun fact for yall while you watch the video, look for a young (but still ugly) Jermaine Dupri. He dances in the beginning and it's kinda funny. Anywayz, hope yall enjoy it, and have a fun and safe Halloween! Peace.

Peter Darker n Company

They Said It, Not Us...Halloween Edition

So, Young Sumo, me, and 2 of our lady friends were walking into a restaurant to get something to eat. As we were passing cars in the parking lot, we saw one car that had a license plate that read "SRCTZN". I thought it was obvious, Young Sumo apparently isn't as hooked on phonics.

YS, in his infinite wisdom goes, "What does that say, 'circunsized?'"

(Um...First of all, that's not even a word, it's 'circumsized,' and I'd bet that you probably don't have a "mushroom tip," you filthy Philistine!)

ME: "It says "senior citizen. You dumbass."

Much love to Young Sumo, but he's evidence that sometimes, stereotypes aren't necessarily true...

Once again...THEY SAID IT, NOT US...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Said It, Not Us

College has taught me 2 main things about other people, that:

1.) People are mean.


2.) People are stupid.

Since mean people suck, we think it's funnier to write about people being stupid. So we're adding a new wrinkle to our blog entittled, "They Said It, Not Us," in which we tell about instances where people say/do stupid things.

The other day I was talking to a friend about water, now, for all the intellligent people out there it goes without saying that water, chemically, is two parts Hydrogen, and one part Oxygen. This particular person apparently failed Chemistry. Here's the conversation...

Friend: "I like to water down my Kool-Aid. Add some of that H, Two, Zero."
Me: "What?"
Friend: "Yea, that H-20.

They said it, not us...


Slang Word of the Day

So we feel that it's our duty to "urbanize" White people and not-down Colored folk with the newest, and freshest slang.

Today's word is "No Homo."

"No homo" is a phrase that is often used after someone, inadvertantly or not, says and/or does something that can be viewed as "gay."

For example, Cyle got a haircut on Friday and I said to him, "Ay dog, your haircut looks nice, no homo." Thus nullifying any homosexual undertone.

For whatever reason, in today's society it is viewed as "not cool" or "weird" for a man to compliment his fellow man on his external appearance, or just on anything in general. "No homo" allows us to do this now. This allows me to compliment a fellow man on his appearance and watch "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Crying Game" without feeling "gay."

That being said, I'm gonna go watch "300" and admire Leonidas' homo.


P.S. We here @ "A Dime & A Nickel" do not discriminate against people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, quantity of baby's daddies and/or STD's. We celebrate and promote diversity. Please do not be offended, it is not our intention to do so. Heck, we didn't come up with the phrase...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SNSJ: "Don't Change" by Musiq Soulchild

Wut it do!? As many of yall have noticed, we "try" to update our blog daily to keep it fresh. Since we started, we have not yet been able to post up some of our favorite slow jams. Well, it's Sunday night and I just so happen to have some slow jams for yall. If there's anything I know(...damn, that's a really low self-esteem ass statement huh?!), its good music and slow jams happen to be one of my favorites. In respect to this special once-a-week occasion, I will be going by the alias of "Tha Smoove VJ/DJ Peter Darker". If anyone would like to request a song they wanna hear or shout out to anybody, feel free to comment. On that note, the first slow jam is a personal favorite from Musiq Soulchild called "Don't Change". I wanted to post tha video, which is pretty good, but I wasn't able to. Aight yall, here it is. Enjoy!

Smoove DJ P.Darker

Dontchange - Musiq Soulchild

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check Out This Article...

So, last Christmas break I was back home in SF when I heard that there was a shooting @ Sacred Heart, a Catholic, private high school where many of our friends attended. The victim, Terray "Tat" Rogers, was a father of one of the girl's on the team. Turns out, the daughter of the victim, Tierra Rogers, is one of the best high-school players in the country. Not only that, but Tat was working to help quell the incessant violence in the Hunters Point district of my hometown, San Francisco. Anywho, there was an article about it on, thought it was really interesting. Read the article here...


Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week, 10/24: "Hey Young World"- Slick Rick

Wuts good yall!? It's Friday once again and also time for tha Old-School Hip-Hop VOTW. This one is definately a classic from "tha Ruler". It's crazy to see how different Hip-Hop was back then, as it is now. I'm not gonna knock on tha Hip-Hop we got nowadays but back then, it had more of a message than directions to a new two-step in a club...yeh...Anywayz, hope yall enjoy tha video and remember to listen to it, not just hear it. Ya Diiig!? ahaha

p.s.- I'm kinda mad at Lloyd for using this song...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The GOP IS F*****' Up!!!

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who held the position in President George W. Bush's 1st term, has endorsed Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and has even raised $150 million for Obama. Read the full article here...

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Earthquake...19 Years Later

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. While most people remember it as interrupting the World Series between the Oakland A's & the San Francisco Giants (BTW...what are the odds of there being a 6.9 earthquake in the Bay Area during a World Series in which the 2 local baseball teams are playing in? A million to one? A billion to one?), the quake was quite devastating. It killed 63 people, injured approximately 3,700 more, and caused $6 billion worth of damage. I was 2 @ the time, and all I remember is the ground shaking @ my Grandma's house, like walking in one of those "fun houses" where the floor moves from side-to-side as you run through it. Walking around like a drunk person as my Grandma ran towards me screaming hysterically. Anyone else remember it?

Old School Hip-Hop Video of the Week, 10/17: "Me, Myself,& I"-De la Soul

Aight, so every Friday to commemorate the end of the week, we're gonna hit y'all up w/ a Old-School Hip-Hop video. Like way back, like He-Man underwear, high-top fades, pump-up sneakers back. Like shit your older siblings danced to. Look forward to this every Friday. De la will lead us off...

"Me, Myself, & I"-De la Soul

P.S. Feel free to submit your own suggestions of what you wanna see next week for Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week.

Allow Ourselves to Introduce...Ourselves...?

I’m Cyle (the Black one) AKA “THA JEWELER,” AKA “ITIS MAN,” AKA “PETER DARKER,” AKA “MR. FREEZE,” AKA “TRON.” & I’m Anthony (not the Black one) AKA “The Reservoir Dog,” AKA “The Mexican Marauder,” AKA “Tony Lightning,” AKA “Dr. Bunsen Honeydew,” AKA “QUASIMODO,” AKA “Tony Sunshine,” AKA “Pretty Tony” (which then can be AKA’ed [yes, I made that into a verb, and yes, I put parentheses inside of parentheses] into “Pretty T., Pretty Tone, PT, P. Tony, & P. Tone.) We feel that aliases (or is it “alii?”) are very necessary to our blog.

We’re just two dudes that think we’re funnier, more interesting, and have more profound shit than most of the other blogs out there and feel like sharing that with all of Cyber Space.

Our blog is gonna have poetry, video clips, songs, recaps of our lives, and us ranting and raving about any and everything. We’ll have a bunch of new stuff on here throughout the week so keep coming to the site. We appreciate the love & support.

‘Til Next Time…

Cyle & Anthony…