Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slang Word of The Day

Wut it do folks! Todays slang word is "blast" and can also be used as a phrase to "put on blast". Basically, to put someone on "blast" means to either openly make fun of, or call out someone for doing, wearing, saying, dancing with, drinking/eating (and basically any other action) something. Example, "the guys put (NAME OF PERSON) on blast for dancing wit a dude at the club." Notice how the person is being put on "blast" because he danced wit a dude at the club and the guys are openly making fun of him. You can also put someone on "Front St." which is a synonym for "blast". Keep in mind this can be fun but may also cause people to get butt-hurt..."But u don't have to take my word for it!" ...Reading Rainbow? remember!? ahaha nvermind.


Ps. We still got mad love for u Curtis!...big ups to Levar Burton too.

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