Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night Slow Jamz: 11/2

(Deep Barry White-like voice)

This is DJ Mexican Marauder, and welcome back to "Sunday Night Slow Jamz."

I'd like to dedicate tonight's slow jam, to all the lovers out there who are currently in, or have ever been in a "long-distance relationship."

This is probably the hardest type of realationship to be in, I know it was for me. To be committed to another person in a romantic relationship is hard enough when you live close to them or see them everyday, but when you throw in an ocean and thousands of miles, that task becomes that much harder.

Temptation, lack of patience and trust, they all become magnified when in a long-distance relationship, and that's why the majority of them fail. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment, and props to everyone that's ever tried to do it.

So for all of y'all, I'd like to play "Distant Lover" by the legendary Marvin Gaye. Good luck lovers...

DJ Mexican Marauder & Co.

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