Monday, November 10, 2008

Belated...Old School Hip-Hop Video of the Week

Hey Gang,

We know it's Monday, not Friday, and we sincerely apologize for not posting the old-school hip-hop video on time, but better late than never. (That's what she said!!!) So this week, we gotta give you a classic by probably the best MC ever, 2Pac.

Everyone asks us all the time why we named our website "A Dime & A Nickel," and it's actually cuz of this video. Check out about 1:36 into the video, when Money B has this shit-eating grin on his face as he says, "a dime and a nickel." Hilarious! Seriously, one time Cyle & I spent a good 20 minutes replaying this video in the school library and laughing hystercailly as everyone stared at us like, well, 2 idiots replaying a video on youtube and laughing hysterically in a library. Good times!!!

As always, enjoy...


P.S. Yes, we know we haven't posted the Sunday Night Slow Jam, we'll get to that too. It was kind of a busy weekend...

1 comment:

HGA (home grown artist) said...

Wow, I guess I didn't teach you enough about hip hop Mr. Prez.

Here is the truth, at least in my world, Tupac was good but no where near great, let alone the best.

Ever hear of a cat by the name of Rakim? As in Eric B and Rakim. Now that my friend is the best MC ever to bless a mic. Hands down!