Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They Said It, Not Us: Mr. Garcia

My Dad's a nut. Hella goofy, I guess that's where I get it from. But he's always messing things up! He'll always try to use slang or say something "hip," but he fails miserably. Like, all the time.

We were watching a movie in Hawaii one time, and it said something like, "Mahalo for not using your cell phones" or something like that on the screen. And my Dad in his infinite wisdom goes..."Mahalo...maholla...maholla @ me!!!" (Awkward silence.)

So, the other day, Pops is getting ready to go out to a restaurant. It turns out, his friend Rick, who DJs, is gonna be DJ-ing that night at the restaurant. Here's the conversation...

Me: Rick's gonna DJ? Does he have a DJ name?
Dad: DJ Rick.
Me: Fo' real?!
Dad: No.
Me: DJ Rick on the wheels of steel!!!
Dad: Yea! On the 2's 3's!!!



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