Friday, April 24, 2009

Old-School Hip-Hop Video of the Week- Eddie Murphy Edition

Wuts goooood folks!? For all you college kids out there, it's almost the end of the semester and we all know that's coded language for your professors to give u as much work that is inhumanly possible to complete in a week...i feel ur pain folks! ahaha, so, we here at ADAN figured you all needed a break and what better way to do that than comedic relief! We got an all-time classic,(well...kinda lol) from Eddie Murphy called "Party All The Time". Look for the part in the video when Eddie pops a blood vessel in his head, trying to hit that high note. It was also produced by the "Superfreak" himself, Rick James (RIP), in the words of Rick James being played by Dave Chappelle..."ENJOY YOURSELF!" ahaha.


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