Thursday, April 23, 2009

They Said it, Not Us: Thug 101

Two of my best buddies out here in Hawaii go by the aliases of Brown Nino and Niggy. Niggy is your average, everyday white guy who played Magic in high school, and spends most of his days playing Gears of War and poker online. Brown Nino, well, remember those toys the "Lil' Homies?" Well, Brown Nino is a real-life Lil' Homie. Thnking he's hard, and listening to his gangsta rap, only he has a high-paying job that makes him wear a ridiculous aloha shirt and he's graduating in five years because he's double majoring. But he still thinks he's a thug.

So, I was over at Brown Nino and Niggy's house the other day, (yes, these polar oppostite people live together, I'm surprised Niggy isn't dead and Brown Nino isn't in jail) and me and Niggy were on the XBox 360 and Brown Nino was cupcaking on the phone. Now, what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't talk $#!t to one of my boys while he's spitting game to a girl, right? So me and Niggy are getting on Brown Nino, when him and Niggy have this exchange.

Brown Nino: "I'm a thug! Thugs don't love!"
Niggy: "Oh, do thugs double major in college?"

Once again...



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