Friday, March 27, 2009

Old School Hip-Hop Video:"Fast Life"

Wuts good folks!? It's Friday and it's time for tha old school hip-hop video of tha week. If you have ever heard someone say that it's not possible to work out on a treadmill with Timberland boots on, this video should prove them wrong!(ahaha, you gotta watch tha video) We gotta classic for all yall real hip-hop fans out there called "Fast Life" by Kool G. Rap featuring Nas. Hope yall enjoy and have a good weekend everybody. Peace

PS- At the beginning of the video pay attention to the dialogue and you can tell that neither of them knew what they were gonna say! Look at Nas and you'll see him look up waiting for somebody to tell him what to do next! ahahaha, hillarious folks!

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