Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They Said It, Not Us- Family Feud

Wuts good folks!? Peter Darker here. Earlier today I was watching Family Feud, not only because it's entertaining to watch but also because of the dumbest answers some of these people blare out and today’s episode was nothing short of my expectations. So both families had one person from each side go to the front for a head to head. Now, if you've never seen the show (which should not be the case unless you're from Calcutta) each person has a chance to participate in the head to head. The main goal is to hit the buzzer before the other person and answer with one of the top surveyed answers for a question. So, two people from both families come up to the buzzer, one being the genius that inspired this. The host asked the question, "What might excite a dog?" and before you could blink, this dude hits the buzzer with a quickness...he abruptly answers,"...COLORS!!"...yes folks, colors...think about it lol…and if you’re too slow/lazy to think about it, dogs are colorblind. Once again, this is Peter Darker, informing you that if you say something dumb, 10 & 5 will put you on blast!


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