Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WTF?! Does Anybody Feel Me?!

Wuts good folks!? I need some help right now…Can someone, in God’s great-jolly-green earth, tell me that it’s only my imagination that NBC gave Jimmy Fallon a talk show let alone a comedic one, in place of Conan O’Brien’s previous spot (Rest In Peace). Really NBC?! I feel like there are a lot of reasons why this is not a good decision on NBC’s part, but only one stands out…HE’S NOT FUNNY!!!!!

Let’s be real (or as some of my “ethnically challenged” friends might say, “For Pete Sakes!”), how many times, while watching an SNL skit, did you get frustrated and annoyed when Jimmy Fallon popped into frame?! He's still the reason why I don't like the "Weekend Update". Don't get me wrong, I like Tina Fey but Jimmy Fallon scarred me...(no pun intended). Or when you're at the movies, and during the best part (previews) seeing him in a movie…yall remember Taxi?...Exactly! (God Bless Queen Latifah’s soul)

I just don’t see the logic in having a person who’s not funny, host a comedic talk show. This would be like having Michael Vick replace Cesar Millan as the Dog would be entertaining and kinda funny, but that’s not the point folks! And all this time I felt that Carson Daly was outta place…FEEL ME?!

Clyde Tha Glyde
10’s & 5’s


Hurricane Andrew said...

For Pete's Sake...HAHAHAHAHAHA, that's good, i think one of my prof's said that the other day.....he was white.....really really white lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jimmy Falon sucks. He's not funny at all